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Let it Burn

Producer Lucy Vecchio and Writer Director Andrew Bennett have recently finished production on their latest short entitled BURN. Having won the 2012 Future Film Screenplay Award for the BURN script Andrew couldn’t rest on his laurels and went about putting the script into action with the help of Producer Lucy Vecchio. Lucy and Andrew sit down with us and talk about the process. Read more

WyrmWood Director Kiah Roache-Turner

You know how hard it is to get a feature film made outside of the studio system? It’s like fighting a war! You need a whole lot of passion, attitude, determination and will, a whole lot of will. These are the things you can find in spades when you meet Kiah Roache-Turner, the director of indie feature Wrymwood, the Zombie filled MadMax inspired action thriller that’s busting out from down under! Read more