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CURSING THE SKY: Director Marc Furmie on Terminus

Marc Furmie strikes you as someone who remains optimistic about the future of the Australian Film Industry; which is notable if only for the fact that it seems every commentator and their dog these days is rushing to give you their two cents as to why movies made in Australia are failing. It doesn’t take long into our interview for the director to set himself apart from the rest.

He’s young too, particularly for someone who has already achieved so much, carving out a niche for himself with TVCs and music videos that boast a strong visual style and big, honest performances. By his own admission he’s focused on bringing personal stories to the screen that will sate his soul as much as they will delight audiences. Read more

Kino Kabaret Sydney 5th-7th December

See your stories on the big screen with Kino Kabaret 2014.

Kabaret is back for a special one-weekend edition on 5 – 7 December at Sydney Film School. Kabaret is the city’s most collaborative filmmaking challenge.

Join Kino Sydney as we bring filmmakers together to learn new skills, test out professional equipment, make creative contacts, and bounce ideas off each other all while making short films in 48 hours.

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The Half Dead: Director Tim Boyle

At first glance, you might look at Australian writer/director Timothy Boyle’s trailer for his 4th feature film ‘The Half Dead’ & think it was made for big budget dollars, with its epic helicopter shots, explosive action & jaw-dropping visual effects.

But what’s more jaw dropping is that ‘The Half Dead’ was made on a modest indie budget with just 7 crew geared up with 6 feet of track & a Wally Dolly!

So how do you make your film look like a Hollywood blockbuster on a shoestring budget & attract big name stars like John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones) to your production?

Tim ensures that “It all comes down to story”.

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