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James Blannin-Ferguson Big Balls Part 2

After walking across the whole of Australia it was truly unimaginable to me, that a couple years down the track, Chris’ big thoughts back in Balladonia would become reality, & lead to the adventure that was ‘The Global Roll’, following the both of us push a giant globe of the Earth, 6 feet in diameter, across 12 different cities over 50,000 km’s – in LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong & good ol’ Sydney town. Read more

Let it Burn

Producer Lucy Vecchio and Writer Director Andrew Bennett have recently finished production on their latest short entitled BURN. Having won the 2012 Future Film Screenplay Award for the BURN script Andrew couldn’t rest on his laurels and went about putting the script into action with the help of Producer Lucy Vecchio. Lucy and Andrew sit down with us and talk about the process. Read more